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50 mejores episodios series (USA 2008)

La página web The Futon Critic ha elaborado una lista con los 50 mejores capítulos de las series que se han emitido en 2008 en Estados Unidos. Estos son los 10 primeros:

01. "The wire: -30-" (HBO)
02/03. "The shield: Possible kill screen/Family meeting" (FX)
04/05. "Friday night lights: New York, New York/Hello, goodbye" (direcTv)
06/07. "House: House's head/Wilson's heart" (FOX)
08. "Mad men: Meditations in an emergency" (AMC)
09. "Lost: The constant" (ABC)
10. "Battlestar Galactica: Revelations" (SciFi)

De los primeros diez sólo he visto los capítulos de House, Lost y Battlestar Galactica, y me parecen auténticos capitulazos. Os dejo el resto de la lista con mas series recomendables como Dexter, How I meet your mother o The office (además de los ya recomendados):

11/12. "Dexter: I had a dream/Do you take dexter morgan?" (Showtime)
13. "Eli stone: Pilot" (ABC)
14. "Friday night lights: The giving tree" (DirecTv)
15. "In treatment: Sophie - Week three" (HBO)
16. "30 rock: Believe in the stars" (NBC)
17. "The office: Weight loss" (NBC)
18. "How i met your mother: Sandcastles in the sand" (CBS)
19. "Breaking bad: ...and the bag's in the river" (AMC)
20. "Pushing daisies: Bzzzzzzz!" (ABC)
21/22. "Lost: There's no place like home, parts 2 & 3" (ABC)
23. "30 rock: Cooter" (NBC)
24. "The office: Dinner party" (NBC)
25. "Life: Trapdoor" (NBC)
26/27/28. "Supernatural: Ghostfacers/Monster movie/Wishful thinking" (The CW)
29. "It's always sunny in philadelphia: Mac and Dennis: Manhunters" (FX)
30. "How i met your mother: MIracles" (CBS)
31. "Brothers & sisters: Prior commitments" (ABC)
32. "Chuck: Chuck versus the break-up" (NBC)
33. "Gossip girl: The dark knight" (The CW)
34. "Fringe: The arrival" (FOX)
35. "The office: Employee transfer" (NBC)
36. "30 rock: Milf island" (NBC)
37. "Californication: The raw & the cooked" (Showtime)
38. "The mentalist: Pilot" (CBS)
39. "The unit: Sudden flight" (CBS)
40. "How i met your mother: The naked man" (CBS)
41. "CSI: crime scene investigation: For gedda" (CBS)
42. "The big bang theory: The bath item gift hypothesis" (CBS)
43. "Law & order: Knock off" (NBC)
44. "Family guy: The man with two brians" (FOX)
45. "Entourage: Return to queens blvd" (HBO)
46. "Scrubs: my princess" (NBC)
47. "The simpsons: mypods and boomsticks" (FOX)
48. "Aliens in america: Raja at sixteen" (The CW)
49. "Desperate housewives: Free" (ABC)
50. "The middleman: The palindrome reversal palindrome" (ABC Family)

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